The Importance of Regular Stone and Tile Cleaning

stone and tile cleaningThere are few things that are more defining for a home than tile and stone. The luster and sheen of both bring a lovely décor and feel to a home, but without proper care on a regular basis, the look can quickly turn and show age, wear and tear. Leave it to Eco Friend Carpet Care of Las Vegas to help return the look of your flooring to a showroom condition.

Most dirt will collect inside the grout, the slightly different colored paste-like material between the individual tiles. This is the likely area for dirt to collect from spills and traffic. Our process promised that your tile and stone floors will look their absolute best. Give us a call, email or use the form on the website for a free estimate.

Eco Friend has the professionals and tools for the proper care of tile and stone. They are also skilled in identifying and determining the best procedures and products for your home. This means a solid investment in protection against the inevitable dirt, molds and mildews that will permeate into the small pockets in the tile, stone and grout.

Stone should be sealed regularly for the longest lifetime. Eco Friend has a special sealant that will hold all of the dirt and other contaminants at bay for a considerable time. Regular sealant treatment is recommended for the absolute best in care. This means a cheaper maintenance cost and spill removal for you as a homeowner.

As our name suggests, we have environmentally friendly products that clean and restore without some of the harsher chemicals and their side effects. This means your family will breathe easily with little to no trouble after we complete our services.

The harsh, arid climate of Las Vegas means that regular cleaning is a good idea for anyone with stone and tile flooring. We at Eco Friend would love to come out to your home, perform an inspection and give you a quote – all at no obligation to you.

Eco Friend Carpet Care offers professional stone and tile cleaning services in Las Vegas. Call today (702) 768-4900 to schedule your next tile cleaning and enjoy the clean and sanitized flooring in your home.