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Make sure you don’t become a victim of crooked or dishonest carpet cleaners. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself from these scammers is to research about companies on the internet and always ask good questions. If you are informed about their carpet cleaning process before agreeing to anything, you’ll be able to spot crooked business practice right away.  

Moreover, you should also need to understand that price should not be the only reason for choosing a carpet cleaning company. That is where most people fall into the carpet scams. If a carpet cleaner really is as they claim to be, you have to wonder where they are cutting costs.  
Not every company uses the same methods and equipment, in fact, some aren’t even IICRC approved. You can check websites and reviews or search them on sites that are made for consumer protection like the Better Business Bureau to ensure they aren’t known for carpet cleaning scams. At last, the most important thing to consider is the three “RRR” — Reputation, Reviews, and a Real 100% satisfaction guarantees.


Warning by Eco Friend Carpet Care

Here is some question you can ask them to check if they are professional or not, to save yourself from being scammed by such cleaners.

Some Good Questions to Ask Before Booking an Appointment

  1. Are you certified by IICRC? If not then, what type of formal training do you have?
  2. How much experience do you have in this industry?
  3. Where to find customer feedbacks for your company?
  4. Are your products and methods safe for the children and pets in the home?
  5. Are you insured and licensed?
  6. Can you explain your cleaning process with an estimated budget?

At Eco-Friend Carpet Care, we want you to love the way your carpet looks and feels. Our aim is to provide high-quality services at affordable rates. We will not be happy until you’re happy and satisfied with our satisfaction.

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