Stone Cleaning

Stone Cleaning

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Stone Floor Cleaning Las Vegas

The hot, arid environment of Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole can do serious damage to floors over time. The combination of dust and foot traffic means tile, travertine, and marble floors can turn dull, drab and lose their appeal. The only way to fight this is with regular, periodic stone cleaning and maintenance from Eco Friend Carpet Care. We will keep your flooring in like new condition this time and every time.

Foot traffic is one element. Travertine and marble are porous – they have small holes in the surface, and this can be problems with spills. Certain liquids can pit and make holes in tile. Acids, like vinegar’s and some fruit juices, will etch into the flooring. Couple this to the foot traffic, and you will have serious issues.

All is not lost, however. Eco Friend can return your pitted, etched and deeply stained floors with a bit of elbow grease and lots of tender loving care. It may take more than the basic clean and polish, but our technicians can walk you through the best solutions.

Our process is as follows – We start with a full cleaning and pull all of the dirt off of the floor. A solid polish or hone to start with the best level of shine based on the flooring. An epoxy seals some of the minute pits in the travertine, or a seal is used for the tile.

stone cleaning
stone cleaning

Deep Professional Cleaning

It is best for you to clean your floors weekly. For the maximum results, Eco Friend should come to your home on a regular basis for deep, professional cleaning. Besides that, we can give you tips for regular, basic maintenance and provide you with a schedule for our services.

Before you assume you can achieve the same look as what we provide, remember that Eco Friend has professional grade equipment and years of experience in this field. Someone who is ill-informed or trained can do more damage than good to your flooring. The wrong tools can be equally damaging and potentially dangerous. It is best to leave this to the professionals.

Contact us when you have your travertine, marble or tile installed for a free, no-obligation estimate on cleaning your stone flooring. We will give you a full price for the cleaning, polish, and seal.