Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Las Vegas

Eco Friend provides Tile & Grout cleaning services using our state-of-the-art high-powered equipment and green solutions to remove tough stains and odors.

Very little speaks volumes about floors more than tile and stone. It can certainly help raise the aesthetic and real value of your home, and here in Las Vegas, the show is everything.

As beautiful as they are; if not properly cared for, tile and stone can show wear and tear over time. Eco Friend Carpet Care of Las Vegas can help keep your tile and stone looking like new or return old and worn tile to a virtually like new condition. Our ecologically safe and sound practices and cleaners coupled to our professional grade equipment remove years or decades of dirt and grime with little effort.

The grout, the thin sealant between the tiles, is also important to clean. Grout is porous and is recessed below the tile. This means dirt and grime accumulate better into the grout and make it exponentially more difficult to clean.

tile & grout cleaning
tile & grout cleaning

Eco Friend’s professional cleaning removes dirt from the grout and will make you wonder why you did not call us earlier. Our safe process keeps the tile looking its best, so if you are thinking about changing your flooring, contact us to see if we can return the shine before you commit.

Eco Friend Carpet Care – Tile and Grout Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Eco Friend’s trained professionals are well-versed in our special, eco-safe chemicals and processes. From Henderson to North Las Vegas and including Summerlin, we have your tile and grout covered and in good hands. Imagine not worrying about mold, mildew, ground dirt and dust and more in your tile and grout. We make it look new.

We do not use or have harsh chemicals such as bleach for our cleaning products and system. Environmentally friendly means just that. Our services help with allergy sufferers while keeping the floors looking their best.

Looking to sell your home? Cleaning the tile will help increase the visual value. Thinking of replacing your tile? Contact us at Eco Friend Carpet Care before you do. Our services may save you a considerable amount of money over full replacement. Buying or building a home – drop us a line, send an email or call. We can come out and clean your tile and grout for you before you settle in.