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Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Every Homeowner Needs

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Carpet is the element which adds beauty and elegance to your home. However, they attract dirt, stains and pet hair. Over time, you realize that your carpet tone has become darker than before. The reason is the accumulation of dust pollutants and liquids spill on the carpet. Here, you require thorough carpet cleaning which eliminates all the dust pollutants and stains.

Vacuuming can also help you remove the dirt from the carpet but it will only remove from the upper surface. So, with regular vacuuming quality cleaning is also important. This provides not only neat and clean carpet but also extend its life. But, where to start the cleaning process? This is one of the common questions which arises in every homeowner’s mind.

Here, we have mentioned the top 3 hacks about carpet cleaning to provide you with clean and healthy flooring.

Oil carpet freshener

If you want your carpet to smell fresh and good, then make sure you deodorize it by adding the few drops of essential oil and some baking soda. Just mix it well so the oil completely gets absorbed and then you can keep it in a glass container. When you want to use it, then shake the container and sprinkle it on the carpet, leave it for 10 minutes and then vacuum it. This way you can get a fresh and clean carpet surface.

Use iron to remove stains

Remember, do not put the hot iron on the carpet immediately as this can damage the fabric. Instead, first vacuum it so that all the dust pollutants gets removed and then dampen any stain or spot with a towel concentrated with a mixture of vinegar and water. After that, put the moist towel over the stain and use the iron to heat the towel. This way you can easily remove the stain without damaging the carpet fabric.

Fluffing technique

Does your carpet has lost its softness? Then fluff it up by using the spray containing the mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Allow the mixture to settle down and then blot up the stain or affected area. Take a spoon and hold it on its side, then run on the carpet area to fluff up the fibers. So, that it can stand straight again, providing the feeling of softness.

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