Extend the Life of your Carpet with These Tips

carpet cleaning

carpet cleaningSummer is in full swing, and here in the desert, it is hot. So hot in fact, you likely have not considered your carpets.

Carpet is a notorious collector of allergens. We at Eco Friend are here to help you save your carpet and your health this summer.

Carpets are normally more worn in the summer than at any other time. Friends, family and a constant stream of kids in and out mean tampered dirt, grime and allergens. Here are a few tips to help keep your carpet in great shape between professional cleanings.

Have family and friends take shoes off at the door, and ask friends to do the same. If they don’t or there is some reluctance, don’t let it bother you too much. If one will do it, likely others will follow. This will drastically reduce the amount of wear and tear on your carpet in addition to keeping it in good shape longer.

Planning a party or get together? Consider runners that will cover the major traffic patterns. This will save carpet longer and give guests a place to wipe feet if necessary. Area rugs are great for around furniture and at entrances.

In the desert with the dust, daily vacuuming may not be a bad idea. Small amounts of baking soda sprinkled on the carpet will also help with odors. If you are planning on company, vacuum before and after.

Changing furniture locations will alter traffic patterns and keep the carpet in better shape without a trough. Moving furniture is also a good idea to clean as dust will easily settle under all furniture.

Rather than stay around the house, go out and about. This is Las Vegas! There is always something to do that does not involve gaming.

There is no substitution for a professional cleaning. Call us at Eco Friend Carpet for the best in carpet cleaning. Our professional team will come to your home and use our superior system to bring your carpet back to near showroom condition in no time. This will also reduce allergens and other potential health problems in the home.

Eco Friend Carpet Care has been providing quality carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. Call (702) 768-4900 to make an appointment and help you keep your carpet looking in great shape.