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The Most Used Rug in Homes

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Everyone loves rug because of their vivid colors and patterns and beautiful appearance. Many people lay these rugs in their living room areas or hallways. Rug enhances the appearance of the room or the hallways. A rug is available in a wide range in the markets. It gives a comfortable feeling when you walk over it and also connects the guest when they enter your house. It leaves a good impression of your house to others. So, now you must be curious to know about the most used rug in homes right? So, here is some useful stuff.

Shag rugs are one of them, it adds luxury and elegance to your room. However, there’s one thing which interior designers forget to mention. These shaggy rugs are really a pain when it comes to cleaning. Shaggy rugs are so soft and fluffy because they have a bigger pile than other rugs.

Let’s see 2 preferred types of a most used rug in homes which are shag rugs:

  1. Flokati

Flokati shag rug is a handmade type of wool rug, traditionally made in Greece. These shag rugs usually come in white or cream color, but it is possibly dyed to enjoy invariant of color. They are 100 % made up of wool, including the rug backing.

Greek Flokati eco friend carpet care

Flokati rugs are considered as one of the fluffiest rugs, but they need dusting by using the brush very often.

To maintain its softness, fluffy look, it needs a regular cleaning. Otherwise, it will get dirty, messy, and stained to the point where you’ll never clean it back to the original look.

  1. Wool

There are mainly two types of wool shag rug “shaggy” and “noodles”.

These thick fibers shaped in noodle patterns make a soft, luxurious rug, but their texture comes at a price. Soft fibers can attract anything. A feather duster can attract dust, dirt, hair and many more things that have made into your home rug. These rugs not only attracts dirt, but it is more difficult to remove them out because the tufts are attached very loosely to the rug backing, which makes very easy to pull out from the backing.

Most Used Rug in Homes

Another one is the shaggy wool rug. The fibers in these rugs are way thinner and closer than the noodle rug. This kind of rugs is easy to wash as compared to the fluffier version above because the knots are much closer together, which makes difficult for the dust to enter the rug fibers.

These rugs are durable and are very easy to take care, but in some cases, they are too expensive if compared to traditional low pile rugs.

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Best Places to Keep Oriental Rugs

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We love oriental rugs because of their bright colors and patterns and its handwoven beautiful appearance. Many people prefer to lay these rugs in their hallway or in their living room area. Nevertheless, this interior concept is used so often that it literally skills oriental rugs splendid look. Instead of using your beautiful rug in your living room try something different. Save your house from overused interior decisions and find the new area for your Oriental rugs.

If your bathroom is spacious and allows it to move your oriental rug there is a quite bold, yet interesting design decision. If you have a huge bathroom space, the Oriental rug can bring an exotic feeling to the east. You can enhance this look of the bathroom, by adding candles, soap dish and other appropriate accessories. After applying these changes your bathroom experience won’t be the same. Make sure you put a pad underneath the rug, to avoid mold growth. Probably the worst thing about having an original oriental rug hat it has is very sensitive with water and can easily get degraded by the moisture. Rug cleaning will be a nightmare, it’s better you call professionals such as Eco-Friend carpet care.

Here are some best places to keep oriental rugs.

The bedroom is the ideal place for a beautiful rug

Master bedrooms are the best place to lay down any oriental rug. Normally people decorate their bedroom with soft & light colors. Laying Turkish, Indian, Persian or any other variety of the large group is known as oriental rugs. The vivid color and patterns will totally change the look of your bedroom. Additionally, the sleeping area actually is considered the best location for these types of expensive rugs. The reason behind is that the bedroom has low traffic as compared to the living area. This will need less cleaning and maintenance than other locations.

Oriental rug in the kitchen?

Keeping Persian or Indian rug where you cook and dine is a courageous interior decision that will change the kitchen area look. A kitchen always benefits from warm colors. To get the best of this concept you will probably need to add suitable accessories too such as kitchen towel, nice porcelain oil, and vinegar set with geometric flower print and many more.  

As you might have observed there are plenty of new ways to display a beautiful oriental rug, so don’t need to stick to the living room. If you are about to change the home look.  You can use some of the idea that our expert has shared with you through this article.

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Importance Of Rugs and UV The Damaging Factor

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Rugs are perfect for the living room and dining room area and several other areas of your home. There is the importance of rugs, as it adds warmth, color, and comfort to the floor of your home for you and your family.

Rugs make our house look beautiful. The place and use of area rugs within the home are endless.

It can collect dirt, odors, dust, bacteria, and allergens from ongoing foot traffic.

Frequent vacuuming and spot system can help to get out of all of these harmful things. The more foot traffic rugs interact to, the more professional good cleaning it requires.

Hiring professional rug cleaners for your rug cleaning is the best way to clean your rugs and make it looks brand new.

Importance Of Rugs and UV The Damaging Factor

Oriental rugs are beautiful but they are expensive too. If you own one of these expensive rungs, it is advisable to put a few measures in place.

Measures that will help you to take care of your rugs and expanding their life.

How Ultraviolet Light Damage Your Rugs?

The first thing that can damage your rug us ultraviolet light, it causes fading.

Other parts of the light spectrum cannot damage your rug. Limiting the direct contact to the UV rays is the key to keep your rugs new.

If you have sunlight coming into the room then arrange your rug that only a few parts get exposed to the sunlight. Only a few parts will get faded, resulting it will look inconsistent with some faded patches and some bright patches.

When you rotate the rug, it gets evenly exposed so that the rug fading is gradual and unnoticeable.

Help With Protection of Sunlight

You can eliminate or prevent the problem by keeping the curtains closed or by having the window film professionally applied.

This is the easiest way to maintain your rug looks new and beautiful.

If your rug has already affected by Sunlight, there is still hope to make it beautiful.  If the fading is on tips and not much visible than Professional Area Rug Cleaner can help you to make it looks new.

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