Professional tile and grout cleaning services Prolongs Your Tile and Grout

Professional tile and grout cleaning services Prolongs Your Tile and Grout

by ciadmin

If you’re looking for help with tile and grout cleaning, our cleaning expert at Eco Friend Carpet Care can simplify your life by providing professional tile and grout cleaning services. For regular tile cleaning, you probably have few products and equipment that you use and try to keep your tile sparkling clean; but just because you have them, that doesn’t mean you should always use them.

Here are some tile care and cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

Using Bleach- And Ammonia-Based Cleaners

There’s a good chance you have some of these types of products in your house for regular cleaning, but you should avoid using them for tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas, rather than it is better to approach to professional tile and grout cleaning services. Bleach and ammonia-based cleaners will discolor your grout over time; that’s the reason it’s good to use mild, all-purpose cleaner or cleaners recommended by the tile manufacturer.

Utilizing Abrasives

soft cloths and mops to clean both tile and grout.

Make sure you never use steel wool, abrasive scrubbing powders or any other scrubbing material on your tile. Tile has a finish that will be ruined by anything harsh or abrasive, that’s the reason you should always use sponges,

Overlooking Spills

Even with the finish on your tiles, they can still absorb stains. If you spill anything on your tile and grout that can cause a stain, like oily liquids, tomato sauce and beverages like wine and coffee, clean it up quickly so it doesn’t seep in.

Laziness with tile and grout cleaning

Dirt on the surface of your tile is not a huge issue – until someone walks on it and the dirt settles into the tile. Dirt and grit can damage tile and grout, that’s the reason you should sweep or mop tile floors on a regular basis. In addition, consider placing a mat down inside and outside the exterior door to trap dirt before it gets to your tile floor.

Over-Wetting Tile

It’s very easy to splash water on your tile floor when you’re mopping, but it’s not a great idea to splash too much water or to leave it to air dry. The minerals in tap water can easily dull the color of tile and grout. The wetness can help mildew to grow and look dingy and even if the witness air-dries quickly, it can leave tile looking flat and dull.

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