Quick Tips For After Party Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery cleaning right after the party is vital because of the wear and tear it goes through are one of those very few particles present in our house which deserves proper care. The appearance and style of the interior improve significantly by adding stylish upholstery.  

It not only makes your house look great but also showcases your choice. It is a reflection of the level of sophistication in our living thoughts. 

Even though our busy schedule or immense work pressure, we need to take some time to clean our home. We usually take diverse measures to prevent or restrict activities of our kids or family members to ensure safety. We usually make sure that our upholstery stays in best condition.  

Alongside being costly, these particles are very much exquisite on the surface. They can easily get scratches, buries, spots, and stains which can simply damage the overall appearance of the thing. It can create a dull aura and also make you mood low.  

Usually, we go out of our way to be careful regarding the safety of our upholsteries from any sort of threats which can affect their hygiene and look. Parallelly, we should also take some actions immediately after an event or party at our house. 

Get together of guests, relatives, friends especially in some formal occasion or party can surely cause damage to upholstery.  

So, once you are done with your function, gathering or whatever, you should follow the following steps to keep your upholstery intact from the wine spills and gravy stains. 

Here are the quick tips for after party upholstery cleaning! 

  1. Move your palm into the niches of your furniture for loose food crumbs, dirt, spills, dust, and dropping. You can use a glove to frisk. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove all loose dust, dirt, food pieces etc.  
  2. After locating the position and amount of dirt, remove the marks and stains first by using your upholstery cleaner or any home-made cleaner. The marks and stains could be of alcoholic or non-alcoholic nature, they could also be creamy or semi-solid food items, sauces etc. 
  3. Once you are done with the cleaning task, ensure that there is no excessive moisture on the surface of the sofa, couch upholstery. Because wetness can directly result in erosion on the surface of your belongings. 
  4. Utilize upholstery and crevice extension along with your vacuum cleaner. Give a thorough clean-up to all nooks and corners. Give special attention to all grooves, curves and hidden portions of the upholstery. Hidden particles can directly result in corrosion of surface inside the upholsteries resulting in wear and tear. 
  5. Finally, gently spray room freshener to all over the party spaces. This will make the interiors of your house look and smell as good as pre-party. 

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Maintenance Can Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

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Since the last 2 decades, carpet has become the most popular choice for many households just because it is soft, comfortable to stand on, and it adds a certain kind of warmth to your home. It does require some maintenance though, and keeping your carpet clean is the ideal way to prolong the life of your carpet.

Here are 2 important tips that will help you to keep your carpet clean.

Regular Vacuuming to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Frequent vacuum is necessary at least once a week. If you have a heavy traffic of pets or children in your house, then you may require more frequent vacuuming to keep your carpet looking good. Vacuuming will rid the carpet from dust, dirt, pet hair and other waste particles. Doing this regularly with ensuring there is less grime building up on the carpet, make your future job easier.

Another great way to keep the carpet clean is using a carpet cleaning powder. This need to get sprinkled all over the floor, left overnight to soak up smells and dirt, and then vacuumed up in the morning. It is not a replacement for carpet washing, but it is a good way to maintain cleanliness in between washing. It also keeps your floor smelling fresh.

How often Your Carpets Should Be Washed?

Carpet washing really gets down to the top root of the floor and washes away all the dirt that your vacuum couldn’t pick up. The carpet needs thorough cleaning once a year. If your carpets are light in color or prone to collect dirt, then they need to get professionally cleaned two to three times a year. There are many people who struggle with one question whether they should buy their own carpet cleaning solution or hire a professional to clean it for them. The price of hiring a professional every year adds up quickly, and it isn’t cheap. However, nothing will get your carpets as clean as a professional team can, so it is well worth money and helps to prolong the life of your carpet.

If you have a furry friend and your carpet receives high traffic, you might consider purchasing your personal carpet cleaning solution for touch-ups throughout the year. You can use it once or twice a month. But still, it is important to have a professional cleaning once a year.

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Do’s and Don’t for Marble Cleaning

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Some people think marble stone is difficult to clean and some think it is time-consuming. Trust us it is neither time consuming or difficult if done in a proper way. Marble cleaning needs a unique and special cleaning technique and routine, which should be done on a regular basis, it is really very simple if learn how to perform it correctly.

If you want to use the marble floors or any other surface for long times and you want the marble look glossy all the time. Most importantly, you should be careful about the materials that you apply on the marble. There are many options available in the supermarkets and you can also give a try on DIY cleaning products as long as they do not contain any harsh agents which are useful for marble cleaning.

Do: Seal the Marble Only When Needed

It’s a fact that marble surface needs sealing since it might need extra protection against external factors like dust, water, and moisture. You can purchase the sealant from your local store, then apply it on the marble surface according to the instruction on the product. This will not be time-consuming or a tough job if you follow the set of rules.

Don’t: Do not Seal the Marble Frequently

Some marble types do not even need sealing. You need to learn before the furnishing or installation. The rest of the types still requires sealing but only sometimes. If you apply excessive sealant, it will create a dirty look because the thick layer above it will make the marble look uneven, this is because the marble will not absorb an excessive amount of sealant.

Do: Respond Immediately to Stains

As we all know that marble is a sensitive rock compared to others as we have already mentioned it in our previous blogs. Marble has a porous structure. Porous structure makes it sensitive against acidic substance such as coffee, fruit juice, wine, soda and harsh cleaning products. This is the reason you should clean the spill on the marbles as soon as it occurs. If it is ignored, these stains have the ability to make a permanent stain.

Don’t: Do not Use Anti-Scaling Cleaning Agents for Marble Cleaning

It is very important for you to use correct products for cleaning such a sensitive material. Whereas marble is a form of limestone, never ever use anti-scale agents to clean it. Such agents not only cause dullness on the surface but also damage the natural form and structure of the marble.

Do: Utilize Soft Cloth or Sponge to Clean the Marble

Warm water and special marble cleaning agents are enough to remove stains and dust from the surface. Add some water and soft cleaning products in a bucket and apply this mixture with the help of a sponge or a clean soft cloth. Then rinse and dry the area thoroughly. We recommend soft material like cloth and sponge because it doesn’t leave scratches.

Don’t: Never leave the Floor Wet

Again, marble has a porous nature, marbles can easily absorb liquids. If you don’t dry the surface and let it wet after you have done a cleaning, the surface will absorb the water. It will make sticky and create a dull look.

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Limestone as Your New Home Flooring

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Limestone is one of the best and beautiful stone. A limestone is a popular option when it comes to flooring. It is considered as highly durable stone and adds a sophisticated look to any space with multiple styles. If you are planning for flooring option for your new home, here are 5 options to consider limestone as a flooring option.

Variety of Colors and Styles

Limestone is widely available with a variety of earth tones, including soft grays, creams, yellow, brown and beige. Furthermore, it also available with many types of variations, including veining and speckling with finishing options like glossy, leather and honed. In addition, limestone is commonly installed in a square tile arrangement. Some contractors and homeowners prefer in Versailles patterns for a unique look.


Similar to other natural stones, limestone is also durable. This flooring doesn’t wear down, even though it faces heavy traffic. For instance, of the durability of limestone, consider the pyramids of Giza, a huge stone structure that stood for almost 5000 years.

Beautiful Look

It is been used for construction for thousands of years. Similarly, it describes its enduring appeal. So, all the color and styles of limestones deliver a modern look, and it also enhances the decor of the building.

Resale Value

If you have ever noticed, natural stones are always in demand as buyers love its look and attract towards its durability, beauty and easy to maintain. If you consider the resale value of your house when planning for new flooring, limestone provides a clear benefit over porcelain tile. Furthermore, Natural stone always makes a good impression to visitors.

Limestones Versatility

Some of the flooring options provide the versatility of natural stone. Due to its muted earth tones, limestone pairs excellent with any decor. It also brings a warm natural element into your house for flooring that is elegant. Furthermore, the same is available in many colors, sizes, patterns which easily matches your need. Further, it can be used anywhere in your house such as the bathroom, patios, nearby pools, kitchen etc.

Easy to Maintain

Care for limestone is very simple. Like other natural stones, limestone is resistant to bacteria and mold, So, same is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor space. Maintaining limestone is as simple as sweeping floors using mops.

But yes, one thing to remember, it is most important to reseal limestone regularly to maintain its strength and integrity and prevent from spill accidents. Nothing to worry about resealing is very simple to perform. Spray a stone sealer on the stone in the three-foot section and buff it up immediately into the stone using a cloth.

Contact Eco Friend Carpet Care and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with stone cleaning service.

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Pet Accidents: Getting Rid of That Funky Smell

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If you want funk in your house, put on a George Clinton album. Funky odors coming out of your carpet, however, are not something you want in the house.

If something smells bad, the best thing to do is figure out what is causing the stink as quickly as you can. Calling a professional carpet cleaning company to schedule an appointment is the first step. In the meantime, there are a few things; you can do to remove the odor yourself. Just remember, these are temporary solutions. Having a professional clean deep down into the fibers and padding beneath your carpet is the only way to truly remove the mess and the smell that comes with pet accidents.

Let’s talk about the most common cause of smelly carpets: Pet Accidents

If you have a pet in the house and it has an accident, the quicker you can clean it up, the less likely you are to have a set-in smell later.

First, you need to grab some paper towels and soak up as much of it as possible. Blot the area – DO NOT rub it in. Many retailers sell pet urine odor removers and if you have one on hand, this would be a good time to spray some on the area. Follow the directions on the bottle to avoid damaging your carpets.

If you find the smelly area after it has had time to dry into the carpet, using baking soda is an option. Sprinkle the powder liberally over the area. You can use a broom to lightly brush the baking soda into the carpet. Let the powder sit at least overnight. If you can stand it, two days delivers the best results. It does take a little while for the baking soda to absorb stuff.

If it’s better, but not gone after round 1, you can do another baking soda treatment. Baking soda is generally safe for all carpets…but it does not cure all. Similarly, we said in the beginning, calling in a professional is the best option as they are equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies to handle these things.

Eco Friend Carpet Care Las Vegas can get rid of the smells using green cleaning supplies that will not harm your carpet, you or your pets. We cover all of Clarke County. Just let us know what you need and we will be in touch.

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Importance Of Rugs and UV The Damaging Factor

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Rugs are perfect for living room and dining room area and several other areas of your home. There is the importance of rugs, as it adds warmth, color, and comfort to the floor of your home for you and your family.

Rugs make our house look beautiful. The place and use of area rugs within the home are endless.

It can collect dirt, odors, dust, bacteria, and allergens from ongoing foot traffic.

Frequent vacuuming and spot system can help to get out of all of these harmful things. The more foot traffic rugs interact to, the more professional good cleaning it requires.

Hiring professional rug cleaners for your rug cleaning is the best way to clean your rugs and make it looks like brand new.

Importance Of Rugs and UV The Damaging Factor

Oriental rugs are beautiful but they are expensive too. If you own one of these expensive rungs, it is advisable to put a few measures in place.

Measures that will help you to take care of your rugs and expanding their life.

How Ultraviolet Light Damage Your Rugs?

The first thing that can damage your rug us ultraviolet light, it causes fading.

The Other parts of the light spectrum cannot damage your rug. Limiting the direct contact to the UV rays is the key to keep your rugs new.

If you have sunlight coming into the room then arrange your rug that only a few parts get exposed to the sunlight. Only a few parts will get faded, resulting it will look inconsistent with some faded patches and some bright patches.

When you rotate the rug, it gets evenly exposed so that the rug fading is gradual and unnoticeable.

Help With Protection of Sunlight

You can eliminate or prevent the problem by keeping the curtains closed or by having the window film professionally applied.

This is the easiest way to maintain your rug looks new and beautiful.

If your rug has already affected from Sunlight, there is still hope to make it beautiful.  If the fading is on tips and not much visible than Professional Area Rug Cleaner can help you to make it looks new.

Contact Eco Friend Carpet Care and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with RUG cleaning service.

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A Better Sleep without a New Mattress

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Researchers have showed results that we spend ⅓ of our life asleep on a mattress. So how well we are taking care of our mattresses. Does the mattress is safe to sleep with?

Your Mattress is the probably the dirtiest object if you are not cleaning it on regular basis, which is going to harm your health definitely. Changing of the bedsheet is really not enough because stains, dust, smells can go right through a sheet like it’s not even there.

Eco Friend Carpet Care can provide best services to solve your issue. We can provide you deep cleaning for your mattress so you can your sleep with lot of health benefits. That too in affordable rates, so why to spend a huge amount on the cleaners who cheat people. Instead, that money can used to buy a new one. We can remove stains, smells, dirt, dust mites, and other stuff that you do not want to lay on. Here is a short list of some of the unwanted stuff you have in your mattress:


The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says, “Dust allergies also make it difficult to breathe and may trigger asthma symptoms, such as wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Dust also triggers allergies like itching.”  The main cause is not the mites, but the feces they leave behind after feeding on dead skin cells that you slough off every night.


Sweating is a natural thing; in fact sweating is good for health. Even asleep, you will sweat. That seeps into the mattress. Sweat, by itself, has no odor. The odor comes from the microbes that digest human sweat. Sweat also adds moisture to the mattress. Dust mites and mildew need that moisture to survive. Eco Friend can come to your house and clean sweat stains and odors from your mattress.


Hair, pet dander and odor are the top three problems, your fur babies can create if they sleep with you. Hair is the smallest of the problems. You can brush this away. Dander and odors get into the mattress where no amount of sweeping can ever remove them. Eco Friend’s environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and industrial equipment penetrates deep into the mattress to remove dander and odor.

When you are ready to sleep better, call Eco Friend Carpet Care. We will come and give you mattress a deep cleaning. Eco Friend Carpet Care has been providing quality mattress cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV. Call (865) 255-9692 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services.

Battling The Summer Allergies

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Summer is the time when flowers, trees and the plants are blooming, the grass is green which requires maintenance, and the air is fragrant with joy of life. It’s also that time of year when millions of people are battling the summer allergies.

Here are some details about seasonal allergies and ways, which will help you to prevent them.

Allergic reactions occur when our body wrongly defends itself against something that is not dangerous. A healthy immune system defends against invading bacteria and viruses.

What are seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies commonly known as hay fever, sneezing or allergic inflammation, occurs when certain substance produce symptoms during a specific time of year. These symptoms can cause by pollen, tree, mold and a host of other things.

Furthermore, if there is a carpet in your home, it is possible that the allergens are hiding deep down in the fibers of your carpet, which is why you seem to continue to suffer throughout the year with allergies. It is our goal to help and minimize your discomfort by keeping you updated about allergies and solutions.

Here are some tips, which will help you to fight with summer allergies.

Kill The Fan

Fans stir up allergens. Those who cannot go without a fan should run fan at a minimum, move it away from a window.

Change Air Filters On A Regular Basis

We need to change air filters once in month and it is best idea when pollen counts are higher.

Wash Or Wipe Your feet

When you go out you bring pollen and allergies with your feet, which need to remove before it enters in your house.

Vacuum Daily

Vacuum will provide you great help to remove dirt and allergies from your home to make your home beautiful and hygienic. Keep your vacuum filters clean and replace them regularly.

Medications And Physician Visits

Medications is one options, and there are so many other options, which can help to control allergy symptoms. If your allergies are severe enough to warrant treatment, then you need to concern your doctor to get best advice.


If you are suffering from any seasonal allergies, there are some ways to minimize the same. So many clinic suggests staying inside on dry, windy day; avoiding lawn mowing and other outdoor housework clothes immediately if you have been outdoors.

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